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Current Teaching


Currently we are looking at Baptist Basics

Preaching themes

2017 Beatitudes

2016 John's Gospel a systematic approach  

2015 Preaching the Psalms 

Autumn 2014 we are going through a sermon series using the LICC materials Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Early in 2014 we looked at  Marks Gospel with a bi-monthly Youth style Sunday mornings looking at some of the Big Questions in life currently 'Is the Bible true?' and 'Creation - How did we get here?'

Autumn 2013 we looked at 'idols' using Tim Kellor's book 'Counterfeit gods' to identify the things that today we can worship that can take us away from the worship of our Lord God.

Summer 2013 we looked at The Parables of Jesus

Winter/Spring 2013 - series in Marks Gospel looking at the Kingdom of God

2012 - 'being Joshua People' going through the book of Joshua

Summer /Autumn 2011 - Season of Prayer Psalms/Romans

Spring 2011 A Series of 1 Peter - Perseverance

Autumn 2010 Missionary Disciples with a study series from the North Western Baptist Association

Summer 2010 we began a series on Discipleship

In Spring 2010 we did the Kesher Course - 'Making the connection, Judaism, Christianity, Israel and the Church'.

Autmn 2009 we looked at 'Rebuilding' with a sermon and study series on Nehemiah

Following Easter 2009 we looked at 'Life in the Spirit'

During the Period of Lent 2009 looked at understanding the cross and the Old and New Testament pictures. These included the Marketplace (redemption), the family home (reconciliation), the battlefield (victory), the Temple (propitiation) and Law courts (justification).

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