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The Bible is God’s word. It is trustworthy, true and able to guide us in all matters relating to belief and action.

God in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who created the universe and made people in their image and to receive their love.

The first man and woman rejected God, choosing instead selfishness and sin; as a result we are cut off from God.

God the Son Jesus Christ was born as a man. He lived a holy life free from sin and opened the way back to have a living relationship with God the Father, by his death on the cross through which he removed our sin.

God the Father and the Holy Spirit raised Jesus Christ from the dead proving him to be the Saviour of all people.

God the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus as God, to us. The Spirit shows us our sinfulness as well as our need to receive God’s forgiveness and start afresh, living God’s way.

God the Holy Spirit empowers us in our humanness as well as giving us spiritual gifts. Therefore we can live a life worthy of being called ‘Christians’ owning the name of our beloved Saviour.

In baptism, by being fully submerged in water, following the example of Jesus, as a public sign of a believer’s faith and their desire to be an obedient follower of Christ.

As part of the body of believers we should regularly share bread and wine.

That every believer is equal before God and should take their part in life of the body, the church.

In the responsibility of all believers to introduce others to Jesus.

That Jesus Christ will return in person as judge and we should live as if this will be soon.

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