church service copySundays at 10.30am

Our Sunday morning services start at 10:30. Everyone is welcome to join us, whatever your age. We all meet together for worship, and depending which week it is, the children may leave to do separate activities. You can see our service pattern below.

There are refreshments after the service in the ‘back hall’– please do join us. 


Everything happens at one location. We have a small car park next to the church, but you can park on the road or in front of ATS across the road.

The doors are to the left side of the building as you look at it, not the solid, wooden, double doors that look like they should be the way in!

You will be greeted by one of our congregation, who can answer any questions, and will show you where to go. There is no reserved seating, so feel free to sit wherever you please. If you have any questions please just ask.

The service

Each service usually lasts an hour or a bit more and includes a message, prayers, Bible readings and music. All our songs and hymns are displayed on the main screen and we usually stand to sing.

Prayers are often lead from the front, and those who want to, join in with saying the Lord’s Prayer. Sometimes we have ‘open prayer’ – a period of silence for people to pray silently or out loud. Some people find praying out loud quite difficult, so there is no expectation or obligation for everyone to do it. On occasions this means we simply have a time of being silent and still.


Celebrating communion is an important part of church life when we remember and give thanks for the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do this on the 3rd Sunday morning each calendar month.

We have an open table and all who love our Lord Jesus are welcome to share in the bread and wine. We remain in our seats to take Communion.

How Communion is served depends on the pandemic restrictions in place at the time. Currently pieces of bread are already on a plate which is passed round so people just take one piece without touching the rest of the bread. You may find the person closest passes it to you with words along the lines of ‘The body of Christ broken for you’. You can repeat those words as you pass the bread along, or remain silent. We eat the bread as we receive it, after which there will be a short time of silence for personal prayer.

The wine is presented in small ‘shot’ glasses and may be given to you with the words ‘The blood of Christ shed for you’. Sometimes there are no words. We keep hold of the wine and drink together when everyone has one.

If you do not wish to take Communion, please just pass the bread and/or wine along, or indicate to the person serving that you don’t want it.